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Sillaotsa School is situated in the southern part of Estonia, about 12 kilometres from Tartu – the second biggest town in Estonia. It is a small school which consists of two separate buildings, in one of the buildings there are kindergarten children up to the age of 6 and in the other one there are pupils aged 7-17. The overall number of children is almost 300 (182 of them study at school). Basic school part has 1-9 classes and there are 5 groups in the kindergarten part. Our classrooms are quite small and this enables our teachers to have a personal approach to children.

We have 22 teachers at school and 10 in the kindergarten part.

The school has great sporting facilities (a modern gym and a stadium) and nearby there is a natural beauty spot called Vooremägi where our pupils can go skiing in winter. The place is also popular among other people even from nearby regions who come here to ride a bike, go jogging or skiing. In spare time our pupils enjoy singing in the choir, do robotics, playing musical instruments and doing sports.

After two educational institutions were joined, in 2010, we chose a new aim which was to create a modern learning environment in the kindergarten and also in the school. We are convinced that it’s necessary to teach children already in a young age how to cope with the fast changing and interactive living environment. Our students’ feedback has been positive. They say that it is more interesting and easier to acquire new knowledge when they can use interactive methods.

Our school is pretty well equipped with ICT. All the classrooms have data projectors. We have 5 interactive smart boards, a new computer class with 23 computers, 23 iPads, 8 of them in the kindergarten part.

2015/16 our school took part in Erasmus+Ka1 project with Inertia Digital “ICT integration in Sillaotsa Kool”.

2018/19 our school took part in Eramus+ “We school Europe” project.

The learning approach has changed. It supports every student’s individual and social development, their learning skills and entrepreneurial skills. This learning approach is applied to every level of education and educational type.

The digital infrastructure of the new generation (personal digital devices, the digital infrastructure of the school, interoperable information systems, web services, the cloud service and the open data) and the use of its method enable a faster adaption of the new learning approach and an increase in the quality of learning.

The use of digital teaching materials helps to change the learning more interesting and widens the opportunities for ongoing learning. The productivity growth in the economy is affected by the innovativeness of the population and the ability to use the technology.

The aim in our school is to use modern technology more productively and efficiently for teaching and learning, to improve the digital competence of the pupils and to ensure the access to the digital infrastructure of the new generation.




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